25 August 2009

"You are the sea upon which I float"

I don't know what to say about saturday 22/8. I can't really grasp that Coldplay actually were her in Sweden, playing a concert, and I was there. It's insane. And it's hard to re-tell it and try to explain how magic it was, I think it's impossible. And I feel that the more I talk about it, the more "un-special" it gets. Because to me it's almost sacred, and I kind of like don't wanna ruin it by deminish it by putting it down in words. 'Cause it is so much bigger than that. It's a bit silly you might think, but it makes total sense to me.
One thing I know is that I wish every day was 22/8/2009.

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Malin said...

Tänk om vi skulle få göra om allt varje dag! Det skulle vara ganska så jätte underbart ! <3