22 October 2009

have I crossed the line?

I feel lost, so if I'm asking for help it's only because being with you have totally opened my eyes.

19 October 2009

you can't have everything

so what if it hurts me? so what if I break down? so what if this world just throws me off the edge?

15 October 2009

I can't deal with the degrading behavior I'm so trapped in

I forget that I deserve better. I can't deal with the insanity and the cutting emptyness.

13 October 2009

there's no turning back from moving on

09 October 2009

kind of crazy but it turns me on

06 October 2009

any monkey looking like a saviour

don't you know love is stronger than Jesus?

03 October 2009

I was dreaming but I never believed

been working up the courage to call you all year. but there is nothing I can say and there are no good words left anyway. besides people are cruel and the world still moves without you.

timing has an awful lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance