19 April 2009

Hopelessly devoted

Once again he made her fall. Nothing special he did or say, still somehow her heart was wide open for him to see. Things she had not even told anyone just came out without him even asking for it. And that is why she hates him. Because it's so obvious and he has done nothing to deserve it, still she'll never stop loving him.

It sucks

Why? Why is he suddenly pretty in her eyes?! Why now? Now that it is all to late. And is it really true what she is feeling? She tries to convince herself that it isn't. But deep down inside she knows that it is. And it has always been.

Doesn't matter to me

A few weeks ago she said it was going to take just some days. How stupid she was. Now weeks have past and it's still the same. If she only could turn back time... Then it would be easier. Then it would be over.

17 April 2009


Not many understand her. Not many can put themselves in her situation. Of course she knows they're trying but they probebly haven't even opened their eyes. Now she's lying in her bed, trying to figure right from wrong. She's losing her self. Has allready lost her smile. She doesn't understand, how will this end? Conversations doesn't help, faces who doesn't understand. Not even one of the pills she swallows helps. Is she lost in a world full of nothing?