30 June 2009


Tomorrow is gonna be the day when I catch you. Tomorrow you'll be mine. You think nobody sees you, but I have. I know you wanna get out of here. I may be threadbare and warped, but never wrong.
Tomorrow's the day you'll kiss me.

26 June 2009

I hate you. I hate me. I hate us.

24 June 2009

If I don't live today, then I might be here tomorrow.

anxiety, anxiety, ANXIETY!!!
love is unusually cruel today

22 June 2009

Now you drive me crazy just by beeing born

I want to so bad. But no.

I wanna be yours. But that's not gonna happen. I wanna give you everything and it feels like you're gonna be here forever. But forever doesn't exist.

21 June 2009

I surrender when our lips meet

Here we go again, fallin' in love with you again. Feelings that were long gone appear and I am no one.

17 June 2009

Sometimes it's just not fair

This night I had a dream. It was good. He was in it. And if I told you I started crying when i woke up and realised it was just a dream, you understand that it was a pretty amazing dream, dont you?

14 June 2009

If I could just..

It's always times like these when I think of you. And I wonder, do you ever think of me? I still need you. And I still miss you. And now I wonder if I could just see you? You know I'd walk a thousand miles if I can just see you. If I can just hold you... tonight.

you know it. deep down inside I know you do.

my heart is beating. it's beating the crap out of me. I want you to see it. cause I don't wanna lose you.

Seriously, who needs someone who only sleeps, breathes and cries?

Sometimes sometimes somtimes I wish that he just once would have wanted me sometime during the months I laid sleepless, got my self drunk, staid home from friends, wrote 2 dairies, scribbled his name tired, wrote fucking poems about every fucking inch of him. Couldn't he had loved me even once, just a little bit?

12 June 2009

Only for you Malin

We've (Malin and I) noticed that almost every famous girl who runs a blog in Sweden has bought the Sims 3. And so did I. But I got it like 1 day before they started putting up posts about it. Sooo... since they copied me by bying it, Im gonna copy their stunningly, beautiful pictures proving they have it. So here you go.

I do need to warn you. I am NOT serious. !!!!

Once again. Just to make clear.
Thats all.
See ya :)