27 December 2008

Now I just cry

I can't believe you're gone.
Something in your eyes I've never seen before.
We could to be as one, we'd never be apart.
No-one ever told me life could be this sad.
I keep holding on. Can't let go.
Please let me know ...
Why does it rain?
Why does it hurt?
Please God explain 'cause I don't understand.
Love made me fly and now I just cry.
Please tell me why...
Why does it rain?

23 December 2008

I like Christmas. Lucky me it's tomorrow! But the reason why I love it so much is because you don't have to go to school. This is like the highlight of the semester, that it's over. And actually I don't care that much about all the presents, the food or all the company. I just think all that's troublesome. I mean, offcourse it's fun getting presents, but what have I done to deserve it? And why so many? It's not fun getting something when the "givver" is feeling forced. I think gifts should be given with love and consideration, like you really want to give it away.

But don't get me wrong, I still love Christmas presents!


22 December 2008

I knew this would happen. From the very begining I knew that this was how it was going to end.

21 December 2008

as though no one is watching you
as though you have never been hurt
as though no one can hear you
as though heaven is on earth

"I'm not scared of dying. I just don't want to"

17 December 2008

Marry me? Please?

So, now it's done. It's over. And it hurts like hell.

I'm so easily effected it's ridiculous. It will seriously take about a week before I can let this go. Actually I think it's okey. I mean, you can't blame me, he is pretty unbelievably hot!

Sooo... I think he should realise he should call me right now and ask me to marry him. I mean... It's for his own good. He's be better of with a 20 years younger girl who's living in Sweden. I know it's right for him...

I'm too involved. If you jump - I jump

I recorded Titanic yesterday and now I'm watching it. I believe it's seriously one of the best movies ever made. I haven't even seen half of it and I'm already crying like a baby. But he's so beautiful, Jack Dawson. He's the reason I'm crying my heart out, he's so wonderful. Why does he have to die?!! Stupid movie.
But don't get me wrong. I still love it.
Marry me Leonardo DiCaprio?

16 December 2008

Took 2 steps forward, ended up 30 yards back.

Somedays life just sucks. Big time. Huge time!


Exchange student

Yesterday at English class we had an exchange student for visit. His name was Harry and he comes from California.He was so hot, I think I fell in love with him. At least a little bit...

When I grow up I wanna live abroad. Maybe Austrailia or California. A friend asked me today why, and all I could say is that it seems so nice. I mean like, think about the beaches, the sea, the sun, the atmosphere. - Who wouldn't wanna live there?

12 December 2008


Okey, I'm gonna see 2 (!!!!) Coldplay conserts next year! One in Stockholm and one in London! Isn't that amazing?! I'm so happy, words can hardly describe! That's why I'm using so many marks of exlamation!!

And yesterday Jason Mraz was preforming at the Nobel-Peace-Prize-thingy and that made me even happier! He sang I'm Yours and A Beautiful Mess. <3 I Love him so! Kind of like... Maybe... Is it even possible? What the heck, I do!


10 December 2008

You say I'm crazy...

You're Oh-so charming.


08 December 2008

What is wrong with everyone?

I wish I was older. I wish I had already graduated and was on my way to Australia, or maybe Paris, Jamaica or California. I want it so bad, like really bad! I'd give almost anything just to get out of here, out of this sucky life. It's amazing to me that the world is still spinning when everyone is either working their asses of or starving to death. Can't we just stop for a second at concentrate on beeing happy?

Normally when adults talk to me and I complain about "the system" they tell me to smile at the little things, and enjoy that. And I'm like, what the f***?! Why should I? It should be given to be able to eat every day, you shouldn't have to worry about getting killed or raped on the street or having somewhere to sleep. This world is bad. Bad, bad, bad, BAD! Everyone's talking about all the enviromental problems, I can't even understand what there is to discuss. Just turn your lights off, cook just enough food or stop driving your disgusting car if it's not necessary. Taking the bus isn't that bad and trust me, you need some fresh air so take a walk instead.

Im sick and tired of everyone complaining, including me. So stop it and do something to solve the problems instead.


07 December 2008

Call me when you know

Is it okey feeling sad if you're getting everything you want? Like... I don't know. I get to go to London and see Coldplay, I've just got a cat and soon it's christmas. Why am I not happy?!

I wish there was a dictionary where you could look up all the answers for every single question that pops up in your head. Maybe like wikipedia, but there wouldn't be any read answers "This answer does not excist. Please try a different question". Or maybe not a dictionary, just a button where it would say "Press to solve problem".

So if someone envents this, please call me.
Thank you


04 December 2008

You suck

What matters is getting you out of my head.

To never depend on love again.
What matters is that you see how ugly life can be.
See you hurting.
What matters is your arms around me even though I have to forget you
What matters is seeing you fall apart inside, just like I did.

03 December 2008

Maybe if you want it really bad...?

A shot through the heart and you're to blame


01 December 2008

It's not funny...

If this is life's way of trying to be funny, -it's not working! Seriously, why?

Why, why, why, why, why, why, WHY?!!

Obviously something went wrong with the booking of the tickets to Coldplay, and the stupid website now tell us "no"... It sucks and I'm on the edge of breaking down. But Malin tells me it's going to be allright, I hope she's right.

Seriously Life, stop it! Cut us some slack, please?