08 December 2008

What is wrong with everyone?

I wish I was older. I wish I had already graduated and was on my way to Australia, or maybe Paris, Jamaica or California. I want it so bad, like really bad! I'd give almost anything just to get out of here, out of this sucky life. It's amazing to me that the world is still spinning when everyone is either working their asses of or starving to death. Can't we just stop for a second at concentrate on beeing happy?

Normally when adults talk to me and I complain about "the system" they tell me to smile at the little things, and enjoy that. And I'm like, what the f***?! Why should I? It should be given to be able to eat every day, you shouldn't have to worry about getting killed or raped on the street or having somewhere to sleep. This world is bad. Bad, bad, bad, BAD! Everyone's talking about all the enviromental problems, I can't even understand what there is to discuss. Just turn your lights off, cook just enough food or stop driving your disgusting car if it's not necessary. Taking the bus isn't that bad and trust me, you need some fresh air so take a walk instead.

Im sick and tired of everyone complaining, including me. So stop it and do something to solve the problems instead.


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