28 March 2009

I can't lie

I just can't take it, another day without you is like a blade that cuts right through me. When you call my heart stops beating. When you're gone it won't stop bleeding. But I can wait. I can wait forever...

17 March 2009

17 march 2009

I'm going away for a few days. Don't know when I'll be back or what they'lldo to me. All I know is that I wish I had never said something.

16 March 2009

It does actually mean I'm lost

Have you lost my number?
Or forgotten where I live?
Maybe you're in a coma, dreaming.
Dreaming about you and me.
I bet the post office lost all the letters and that your cellphone is broken.
Or you are kept as a prisoner and fighting to reach me somehow.
Maybe you miss me so much that you just don't dare and don't know what to say.

But you were never afraid and you always knew what to say.
You know my number by heart and the post office rarely lose letters.
Neither were you held as a prisoner.
You just found were you belong.
And I'm standing here with nothing at all.

14 March 2009

Times Square can't shine as bright as you

A thousand miles seems pretty far but they've got planes and trains and cars. I'd walk to you if I had no other way.

13 March 2009

It's laundry day!

Don't judge it by the color, confuse it for another.

Now I'm in love

I just had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt about Erik Hassle, I can't recall exactly what happened. But I believe we were out running, chasing two friends... Earlier we had talked about eating kebab and my science teacher were there for a while. The other minute we're on a school-bus on the way to someones hous high up on a hill. Then we were outside again I think, putting grapes on sticks. I was wearing shorts and suddenly I had green and red grape-juice all over my legs. Totally weird, but I liked it.

11 March 2009


Now I'm sittin here, like I wished we'd do. I think about my life and how there's nothing I won't do just for one more day with you. It's all I need, one more day with you.

Just turn it back around

It sucks when you're going through the day just waiting to be able to go to sleep again. And when you're supposed to sleep, that's the only thing you can't do.

10 March 2009

Weren't they suppose to help?

When I started taking my medication they told me I'd get worse the next couple of weeks and then start to get better. It's been a couple of weeks and I've gotten worse. I think they're making me better now and that now I'm supposed to also feel better, but how come I don't?

It's so hard to explain. Cause in one way I feel better, like my body has gotten well. All the organs and flesh and bones are working as they should. But my brain, my soul, is still ill. I'm still sick and I feel so much worse then I did before the meds, even the "hard weeks" were better than this.

I don't get why everything has to be so complicated.

08 March 2009

I see you next to me but still you feel so far away

Where did it all go wrong? I guess this is the part where you look at me and say goodbye. But it feels so wrong. What can I say to make you wanna stay? Don't leave me this way. Let's stop all these games. I just can't say goodbye. Don't let me go. It's not the end, you know it's not the end.

A dream is just a dream and nothing more

Whatever happened to the dreamers? They always look beyond the sky. Saw a world they could believe in. But only when they close their eyes. Nothing's ever been this way before. A dream is just a dream and nothing more.

07 March 2009

This I know

Truth be told, simple and bold, I think you're special.
Hit or miss here's what it is, you are that someone.

At least be sympathetic to the time I spent

Do you ever wonder what happens to the words that we send? Do they bend, do they break from the flight that they take and come back together again with a whole new meaning in a brand new sense. Completely unrelated to the one I sent.

06 March 2009

I hate beeing treated as a child. I hate never feeling good. I hate taking pills. I hate people. I hate the weather. I hate disgusting food. I hate delicious food. I hate music. I hate thoughts. I hate feelings. I hate all the tears. I hate the scars. I hate to shower. I hate waking up. I hate school. I hate weekends. I hate movies. I hate my psychologist. I hate lonelyness. I hate nighttime. I hate my shoes.

6 billion people in the world. 6 billion souls. But sometimes all you need is one.

04 March 2009

The way you play, you rock my whole world

Don’t change a thing. I like the way you’re not typical, usual, superficial visual. Just the way you are.You’re perfect.