12 May 2009

I bet you don't have a clue

The angels are losing. Lucifer's a woman. We're gonna fail. It's not far away now. I'm mentally ill, did you know that? But just smile eveybody'll think we're fine, isn't that right?

02 May 2009

Where are you?

01 May 2009

Lucky her. Guess she's the chosen one.
Color in madness.
Some freedom, it's the tiniest hell.
It's hell.

Is she sweating, or are those tears on her face?
Should she be hungry? She can't remember the last time she ate.
All the lights are on, but she's in the dark.

She doesn't wanna be here any longer. It's almost summer. The sun is shining. And it looks like it will work out for her. Still she doesn't wanna be here