10 March 2009

Weren't they suppose to help?

When I started taking my medication they told me I'd get worse the next couple of weeks and then start to get better. It's been a couple of weeks and I've gotten worse. I think they're making me better now and that now I'm supposed to also feel better, but how come I don't?

It's so hard to explain. Cause in one way I feel better, like my body has gotten well. All the organs and flesh and bones are working as they should. But my brain, my soul, is still ill. I'm still sick and I feel so much worse then I did before the meds, even the "hard weeks" were better than this.

I don't get why everything has to be so complicated.

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Malin said...

Ida, jag tycker inte om att du inte mår bra :( vi får hitta på nåt riktigt roligt snart! :D <3