01 February 2009

Somatimes it's just sad..

I bet you've loved someone to the point where it hurts. Where it's like you're heart is no longer yours, where it feels like this is the reason why you excist. Where there is no living without him. ...or her. If you have you also know that there's nothing that can make it go away. It's not just stop thinking about it. It is like it is and nothing can change it.

I don't know if I am what you can call "in love", it feels like it's crossed over to an addiction. At first I thought that this would go away, just like all the other crushes did. But it didn't... It haven't.

The hardest part is that he lives on the other side of this planet. He is also, I think, 15 years older than me. And I probebly should mention that he's a kind of celebrity, he's a musician and his name is Jason Mraz.

I'm a little bit ashamed, but it's not like I can just stop it, cause I know as well as you that it's so ridiculous. Of course I know it will never happen, I know that it's just imaginary. And I'm full aware of that he does not know who the fuck I am. But still there's a part of me that's hoping and wishing and wanting him more than anything else.

Even though I know so well I want it so much.

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