09 February 2009

Oh yeah!!!

Score!! Coldplay received 3 Grammy awards last night, woho!
I can't really belive they're comming back here in August to perform, and even less I can believe that I'm also going to London to see them play at the Wembley arena. It's just crazy and I'm loving it!!

Can you feel it? That is the best song ever written (Sorry Jason, but I'm Yours is the runner up). When I hear this song I get all shaky, MARRY ME CHRIS MARTIN?!!!
Can you belive it?!! Me and Malin in London?! I'll have to ask someone to shoot me when I get out of there, cause nothing will ever top that. Maybe if Chris will call me afterwards and just say "Ida, I wanna be the father of your babies", then you wouldn't have to kill me. But otherwise, go ahead.

1 kommentarer:

Malin said...

okej, Ida nu gråter jag lite halvt! Det där måste vara världens och universums genom tidernas bästa låt!!! :D heartbroken <3