10 January 2009


My company just left. We've been watching "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, the first and third one. All three of them are my all-time favourite movies and I can barely wait until the next one goes up on cinema.

I'm kind of proud also, I didn't fall asleep this time! Just for two seconds, then I got my self together and got all speeded up instead. I think I might be kind of enoying to watch movies with, especially when there's someone I've got a crush on in it, like Pirates. I just wish I could marry Jack Sparrow. I don't care how dirty, false, egocentric or weird he might be. He's so hot! So why God, why? Why didn't you let me live in the time when pirates were alive and current? Cause offcourse Jack Sparrow was a real person who has said and done all the things he does in the movies.........


2 kommentarer:

munchkinhugs said...

For some reason, I laughed a lot when I read that last paragraph!

You must tell me if you find a soul as wonderful (body and mind) as Jack Sparrow... =D

Ida said...

Ofc! Though I doubt (?) that will ever happen :( But i shall search the entire world if that's what it takes :D