27 January 2009

Have your diary ever got read by someone who wasn't supposed to read it? Or have something very personal that you didn't want out in the open got out there anyway? Then you know how I feel now..

I feel betrayed, exposed, vulnerable.. I feel like I've been left alone in the biggest white room you could imagine. I feel like I've been left ther naked and alone. And it hurts.

3 kommentarer:

munchkinhugs said...

i've had that happen to me once, long ago.. i stopped writing in a diary from then on =\


i hope you feel better soon

Malin said...

:O Oh nooh :S vem, vad, hur? tell me :(

Anonymous said...

I used to keep a journal, I had a record of my life. I kept it in a small safe that I got when I was four. I walked in on one of my "friends" going threw my journal and another going through my money. I didn't say anything, I just turned around, and walk out the door. It was December, but I was so numbed by the pain that I didn't notice. I walked to the park, sat under a tree and just sat there for 2 hours. I got home and threw my jornal in my closet. I know how it feels and it sucks.