29 October 2008

This is not a perfect world

I never could have seen this far,
I never could have seen this coming.
It seems like my world is falling apart.
Why is everything so hard?
I don’t think that I can deal with the things you said,
they just won’t go away.
I used to think that I was strong,
until the day it all went wrong.
I think I need a miracle to make it through.
I wish that I could bring you back.
I wish that I could turn back time.
Cause I can’t let go.
Without you I just can’t find my way!
I don’t know what I should do now.
I don’t know where I should go.
I’m still here waiting for you,
I’m lost when your not around.
I need to hold on to you, I just can’t let you go!
In a perfect world this could never happen.
In a perfect world you’d still be here.
To you this means nothing.
Nothing at all.

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